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Maquet – Surgical Workplaces


Maquet Surgical Workplaces (Germany) is the World’s Number 1 supplier of Operating Room equipment including Operating Tables, Telemedicine-ready, video-prepared Operating Lights, Mobile Examination Lights, Ceiling- Mounted Surgeons’ and Anaesthetists’ Pendants, Suction Machines and fully integrated Modular Operating Rooms. Maquet’s Operating Tables are renowned worldwide and are the tables of choice for many international Military Services. With a full range of easily attached and low-weight accessories for every surgical discipline, these operating tables accommodate the most versatile patient positioning and weight loads, include Carbon Fibre Table-Tops for optimal point-of-care X-Ray imaging, and can be mobile or fixed to suit any surgical workload.

Similarly, Maquet’s range of LED Operating Lights feature advanced technologies beneficial for the Nigerian market including extremely long-life LEDs (compared with Halogen bulbs), with low heat emission to prevent tissue desiccation, “Always-in-focus” illumination with an exceptional depth and volume of light, and AIM (Automatic Illumination Management) technology, using sensors that detect the surgeon’s presence to lower the LED illumination around the surgeon’s head while boosting other areas to ensure a consistent light patch.

Maquet VARIOP is an industrially prefabricated room system for the flexible extension of operating rooms and intensive care rooms. The fully-integrated modular system adapts to all spatial conditions and is suitable for new buildings as well as modification and expansion projects.