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Pressure Injury and VTE Prevention & Management Symposium


In line with our commitment to foster clinical education and support patient care in Nigeria, we are partnering with Arjo to organize a clinical symposium on Venous Thrombo-Embolism and Pressure Injury.

The clinical symposium will focus on clinical perspective, prevention and management of VTE and Pressure Ulcer among patients.


  • To foster the adoption of mechanical prophylaxis in prevention of VTE
  • To encourage conversion to pressure relieving and pressure reducing mattresses in prevention and management of pressure injury
  • To fulfill franchise partner expectation on clinical marketing events to improve sales

Symposium Content includes:

  • International Updates in VTE and Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Economic & Epidemiology in VTE and Pressure Injury
  • Challenges in Management of VTE and Pressure Injury
  • Strategies in the prevention of DVT and Pressure Injury
  • Therapeutic approach to wound management
  • Arjo Solutions for VTE and Pressure Injury


Catherine Steer (BScN (UofT), RN (CAN), MScENID (UofEdin))

She is a Clinical Consultant Educator with nursing background. She specializes on wound care, burns, infectious diseases and emergency medicine. She is a voice to reckon with in planning and implementing programmes targeted to the needs of specific patient populations in various Central and East African/Middle Eastern Countries and India.

Target Audience: 

  • Consultant Surgeons
  • Resident Surgeons
  • Nurse Managers
  • Hospital Managers
  • Clinical Facilitators
  • Nurse Educators.


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