On defibrillation, an electric shock is applied to resynchronize the activity in the heart. The defibrillator automatically analyses the victims heart rhythm and delivers a shock if required. Being very easy and safe to use, todays automated defibrillators are accessible to anyone for use anywhere: at home, in the street, at public events, in supermarkets, in swimming baths, in sports centers, in hotels, at airports, at railway stations, for public transportationIn an emergency, a defibrillation can be applied by the victims relatives or bystanders: parents, colleagues, police, security officers, etc.

Easy to use
- Switch the unit ON.
- Place the electrodes on the patients chest as indicated on the pouch.
- Follow the devices voice and displayed instructions.
- Ready at any time in an emergency - A regular self-test ensures the units readiness for use - Durable battery (5 years standby).
- No maintenance.
- Autonomous and highly reliable device.

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