DEFIGARD 4000 - Defibrillator and monitor

Developed for pre-hospital emergencies, the DG 4000 is also perfect for intra-hospital use. A single button gives access to all major functions like energy selection in manual mode, pacemaker and AED. The DG 4000 comes in two types, with paddles or pads, both with a bright and clear display, a 3-lead ECG cable and mains or battery supply.- Available with pads or paddles
- Manual defibrillation
- USB interface for data transfer from the internal memory and software upgrade
- Thermal printer
- Monitoring

OPTION Features:
- Manual or semi-automatic defibrillation (Option)
- SpO2 MASIMO with plethysmogram (Option)
- Transcutaneous pacemaker (Option)
- 3-channel printer (option)

FAB approach

Optional Features

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