The Gynae 3 Deluxe models provide electric height adjustment, positive/negative tilt and backrest operation.Mainly used in hospitals for Gynaecological, Colposcope procedures and investigations as well as Genitourinary Medicine Clinics.

Features include sculptured upholstery, a moulded shroud, seat extension and a matching operators chair, which are all supplied as standard.

The multi-adjustable padded leg supports provide patient comfort in the lithotomy position.Also used in Ante Natal, IV Fertilization Clinics, Maternity, Obstetrics, and Sexual Health Clinics.

Features & Benefits
- Moulded base shroud (G3 Deluxe only)
- Hand switch control for height, tilt and backrest operation
- Retractable wheel base (RWB)
- Matching operators chair (G3 Deluxe only)
- Sculptured upholstery
- Removable debris tray
- Leg supports
- Arm support loops
- Detachable head cushion
- Paper roll holder

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