Enterprise 5000 hospital bed from ArjoHuntleigh delivers significant benefits for residents/patients, caregivers and healthcare facilities. The daily challenges faced by nursing teams on hospital wards have inspired ArjoHuntleigh to improve upon an established solution, trusted by hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.


SAFETY: Helps to reduce the risk of staff injuries and provides a safer environment for the caregiver thanks to the extra low height a key advantage in reducing the risk of injury through falls - and under bed lighting.

INTUITIVE OPERATION AND EASY TO USE: The single button controls are intuitive and easy to use to achieve such as auto CPR, 30 backrest angle, auto contour, cardiac chair position, low height and extra low height, and Trendelenberg/reverse Trendelenberg positioning.

CLEANING, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE: The Enterprise 5000 has been designed with open architecture and no base cover to allow easy access for cleaning, decontamination, maintenance and service.

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