PaxeraUltima360 is an enterprise-class data management system that consolidates medical image data from multiple imaging departments into a master directory and associated consolidated storage solution reaching radiologists, clinicians and patients. The enterprise VNA repository is developed to help healthcare facilities maximizes the value of big data through moving from disparate departmental solutions to a single-login solution.

The solution provides a single platform that offers anywhere anytime access to varied clinical data and enables study retrieval to relevant, prior exams that might have been done at other facilities through sharing. PaxeraUltima-360 can manage both DICOM and non-DICOM data and features a smart- streaming technology -the fastest in the industry- allowing almost-instant study viewing and enables users to stay connected to the data through high or low bandwidth.

Advanced tools such as Paxera-Collaboration-Modules (PCM) includes Instant Messaging, Peer Review, and Messaging Center allow specialists to group chat, share studies, consult with each other and offer real XDS and HIE -time collaboration without leaving the unified PACS interface. The all-encompassing tools enhance the workflow and help facilities to provide effective and efficient care.

The latest version is designed to add depth and complexity to the next generation of sharing tools such as the one-click sharing that empowers users to send studies to other physicians for a second opinion, and share images securely by anonymously posting to users social-media account or to any of the available radiology groups on Facebook.

The enhanced dashboard is architected with several discrete functions that allows administrators to monitor the status of the system and provides a complete analytical data throughout the enterprise, each of these functions was purposefully built to support rich, exploratory pathways through the data.

Universal Viewer :
PaxeraUltima-360 encompasses a vendor-neutral Universal Viewer that offers a powerful new way to access different file formats quickly regardless of the file or study size. Paxera Universal- Viewer helps clinicians make more informed decisions through multi-ology, multi-site reading and enables users to stay connected to the data and information they need from any browser or mobile device.

The viewers newly enhanced design offers a shift from the tab-based format, similar to the conventional navigation in a website, to a series of interconnected views a structure more akin to a mobile application that features a responsive interface. The built-in data pre-processing provides fast access to historical studies so no time is lost in manual searches. The universal viewer integrates with existing EMR/EHR systems and represents an ideal tool for fulfilling the requirements of Meaningful Use stage two.

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