ACS-800 & ACS-900 DVT Pump
Flowtron ACS-900 and ACS-800 are DVT (deep vein thrombosis) prophylaxis devices which usesactive compression system that delivers both Uniform and Sequential modalities from one, simple, easy to use pump providing convenience and choice. The Active Compression System delivers a simple, easy to use method of enhancing the circulation of blood in the deep veins of the legs, reducing venous stasis and helping to prevent the formation of DVT.
Both Uniform and Sequential compression are proven to help prevent DVT and VTE (Venous Thrombo-Embolism) when used as part of a prescribed care pathway.

Flowtron garments are non-thermal in nature with excellent moisture management properties which are key factors contributing to patient comfort. A combination of garments can be used at the same time, i.e. foot and calf, providing convenience and choice for the caregiver. The patented SmartSense auto garment recognition technology incorporated in the Flowtron pumps will automatically detect the attached garments and supply the correct pressure.

One system for all active compression therapy provides convenience, choice and comfort, whilst aiding asset management by reducing the need for multiple pumps in the healthcare facility. A unique cable managment system aids tubeset and power cord management in the clinical area and during transportation and storage.

The integrated battery provides uninterrupted compression therapy and the Patient Run Hours meter records how long the compression has been delivered. Large LCD screen to view and manage therapy status, patient Run Hours Meter to view time compression has been delivered, real time pressure indication to ensure correct pressure is being delivered, Large LED light display to ensure visibility from all angles and integrated carry handle to aid transportation. ACS-900 is smaller and cheaper that ACS-800.

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