The OR staff is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the sterile field. Getinge Assured Emulating Indicators (Type 6) are the most advanced chemical indicators for monitoring the specific steam sterilization parameters of time, temperature and steam inside the pack and assures the user that maximum values for all cycle parameters have been achieved. Our Type 6 indicators have the highest precision available and require a full steam sterilization cycle to change color.
When a pack is opened, your OR staff can quickly verify that the conditions for sterilization were achieved and that the instruments and utensils are safe to use in surgical procedures.

- Clear color change purple-to-green
- Superior diagnostic ink technology
- Lead free and no toxic heavy metals
- Can be used as a permanent record
- Consistent with EN ISO 11140-1 Type 6
- Cycle specific calibrations 134C at 4, 5.3, 7 and 18 mins

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