Getinge K-series tabletop sterilizers have such exceptional speed and capacity that one unit does the job of two. The rectangular chambers utilize nearly 100% of the volume when sterilizing trays and cassettes (in a round chamber, 25% of the volume is wasted space).

The B-process takes just 25 minutes to sterilize up to 10 trays, i.e. 20 trays per hour. And with a flash program for unwrapped goods, it takes a mere 9 minutes to get the goods back in circulation, so you can sharply reduce the number of instruments your clinic or practice requires. With three models with different chamber depths and load capacities, there's a size thats right for you.

- High-Speed SterilizationTM exceptionally fast processes
- Superior load capacity
- Speed + loading capacity = Unsurpassed efficiency
- Stainless steel water tank with easy access for cleaning.
- Safe sliding door
- Easy connection to external water supply

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