Aquilion PRIME incorporates cutting edge technologies that not only meet current clinical requirements, but can also serve as a new standard platform in the future. Providing the best care to all of your patients should be simple. That is why Aquilion PRIME is designed the way imaging technology should be with the ability to scan more patients and offer a better CT experience.
These new technologies make it possible to obtain high-quality clinical images with a low dose and also optimizing workflow.
In addition to supporting all routine examinations, the system comes with advanced clinical applications to meet a wide variety of clinical requirementsWith a reconstruction speed of up to 60 fps, all images are available shortly after scanning, even when scanned with Toshiba's unique 0.5 mm slice thickness.
The gantry has a 78 cm aperture, the largest available in a high-end CT system.In combination with 300 kg couch, this makes it possible to perform scanning easily, even in patients who are difficult to position, such as emergency or bariatric patients.

Boost Department Efficiency
Adaptive Diagnostic features that improve accuracy and workflow.

Advanced Technologies StandardIndustry-leading, automated dose reduction capabilities improve patient safety and increase quality of care, including AIDR 3D technology and XR-29 compliance standard on all systems.
Expand Access to More Patients

Designed for pediatric to bariatric and everyone in between, with Tech Assist Lateral Slide to improve interventional imaging access and make patient adjustments safer.

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