Cardiac and Vascular intervention demands speed, precision and optimum performance. The INFX 8000V system is designed to take advantage of the latest technological innovations to reduce dose and save time.

A revolutionary graphic user interface and multi- tasking computer enables the system to fully meet the requirement for optimum image,safety,ease of use, advanced efficiency and improved workflow. The unique multi axis floor mounted system enables unprecedented patient access and is supplied with the latest generation Flat Pane detector to present high quality fluoroscopic and fluorograghic images. This system also offers a wide range of applications; 3D acquisition, CT- like imaging, rotational DA/DSA, stepping DSA and 2D/3D roadmap.

Its exclusive configurations drive efficient resource utilization, linking its applications in Cardiology to other medical disciplines. It is built to simplify biplane positioning. It has the ability to reposition the lateral C-Arm, while keeping the patient stable, and enhances procedure efficiency and safety. This flexible feature of this C-Arm flip system allows for its suitability for both cardiac and neuro procedures in the same operating room. Its variable C-Arm configurations allow unprecedented head-end access, thereby accommodating more clinical workflow efficiency and patient comfort is well catered for, resulting from its cushioned, mechanized design. It also effective in detecting contact and proximity of other CathLab equipment in its wake while procedures are in progress.

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