CS 3500 is a compact, easy to use 3D color Intraoral Scanner. It delivers 3D images in high resolution (1024 X 768) and in true color. Colored 3D scans allow practitioners to easily define the margin lines and identify the differences between natural tooth structure and existing restorations. This makes restoration planning more accurate for practitioners. Additionally, true color images help patients visualize their cases. CS 3500 can come as an integrated CS solutions CAD/CAM restoration portfolio or a standalone restorative workflow. This scanner can be easily shared between operators because there is no heavy trolley to push around. Additionally, the intraoral scanner connects via USB 2 cable to any PC workstation or laptop. The CS 3500 offers high angulation scanning of up to 45 degree and covers from -2 to 13mm depth during scanning. It has a light guidance system that aids capture data during image acquisition process and does not require spray of liquid on the teeth before scanning and has internal heater on the mirror to prevent fog affecting the image impression. The CS 3500 also offers unique dedicated scanning workflows for both implant-borne prosthetic planning and orthodontic digital models and appliance fabrication.

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