JNCI has an excellent partnership with Metaltronica, manufacturers of the Mammography range of Lilyum and Helianthus series. Lilyum series of mammographic equipment comprise of Lilyum and Lilyum Bym 3D.

The Lilyum series are completely independent analogue mammography units designed with a state-of-the-art technology, providing the best patient care at the most efficient cost. They are suitable for obtaining high quality images while reducing patient waiting time and boosting patient through-put. They are a great tool for in-depth studies in screening and diagnostic mammographic programs.

The Lilyum Bym 3D is fitted with an isocentric C-Arm that accommodates all breast projections without moving the patient or adjusting the height of its C-Arm. It is also upgradeable with the stereotactic biopsy device. The Bym 3D stereotactic device can be used for needle localization mammography so that breast pathology is better assessed via intervention and histological cytological examination of biopsy samples is better achieved. It is also equipped with a Processing Unit (PU) and Needle Position Unit (NPU) which are the control console for data acquisition and needle support respectively.

The Helianthus series is the full field Digital Mammography series of Metaltronica systems. It is composed of the Helianthus, Helianthus Bym and Helianthus DBT units. This series are specially optimized for digital imaging in breast cancer screening and diagnostic procedures. It consists of; mammography unit with C-arm, integrated X ray control and image acquisition station, and a viewing and reporting station (optional).

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