The Carestream DRYVIEW 5700 is an innovative table top imaging system that delivers up to 45 14 x 17 inch. plates per hour. It offers flexible, high-resolution laser printing for general radiography. It offers a daylight load cartridges which allow users to load film quickly and easily in normal lighting conditions. It is innovative with an ergonomic design and compact footprint that makes it convenient for small work places. It is a dry view technology that does not use thermal print heads, and requires no daily or weekly maintenance on print heads or film transport rollers. It has a built in Web portal which allows users to view imager status and performance data from any workstation on your network. The DV5700 laser imager offers broad printing capabilities from computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), computed tomography (CT), PACS viewer, and magnetic resonance (MR) applications.

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