Toshiba Xario 100 is a smaller, smarter device with all the features you need. Xario 100 is a lightweight, compact, and energy-saving system that also offers a high level of imaging capabilities and technologies that enable you to see more and do more.

- From general imaging to women's imaging to cardiovascular imaging, from specialized exams to point-of-care applicationsXario 100 delivers outstanding clinical performance for routine and advanced studies.
- With its sturdy handle and four large-diameter casters, the system can easily be moved anywhere in the hospital.
- A 19-inch LCD monitor, the largest in its class for displaying high-resolution, high-quality images.

Easy - Optimal image quality with easy operation
- Xario 100, with its uncluttered operating panel for intuitive operation, promotes efficient examinations. The key layout can be changed as desired to ensure easy operation in every hospital department.
- The system features Quick Scan, for optimizing B-mode image quality or Spectrum Doppler waveforms with one-touch operation, and Quick Start, for optimizing with one button a range of parameters related to the patient's body size or the examination region, allowing optimal image quality to be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Optimized - Reliable diagnosis with outstanding image quality
- Xario 100 incorporates Toshiba's unique transmission/reception circuit, Twin Pulser, which acquires clear images by optimizing transmission according to the specific conditions.
- The system supports various optional imaging technologies such as Precision Imaging, which improves visualization of borders and tissues, ApliPure, which increases contrast resolution, and Differential THI, which maintains high resolution when imaging deep regions

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