What makes a system environment-friendly and easy-to-use To address these issues, Toshiba has kept the basics in mind, while advancing the development of motor-driven, high-performance systems. Now, Toshiba has the answer in the IME-100L.
The large wheels and wheel-guided motion allow operators to overcome floor gradients with less manual force. A 40-cm diameter wheels are employed and combined with free-castor-type front wheels to ensure quietness and ease of movement.
A bumper the same width as the cart is provided at the front of the equipment, to alleviate the shock caused by possible collisions.
A well-balanced, lock-free arm is employed. It eliminates time-consuming arm lock procedures for positioning, ensuring more speedy positioning.
The hand grips allow you to swivel and rotate the X-ray tube with less manual force. The X-ray tube can be rotated vertically by 90, and easily positioned for lateral-view radiography.

Swiveling of the X-ray tube
The X-ray tube assembly can be swiveled forward by -15 through +90. Handgrip manipulation maintains the orientation of the X-ray port irrespective of the height of the arm.

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